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Corbridge is a jewel in the crown of Northumberland. Lying just off the A69, about 18 miles west of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, it grew from the Roman town of CORSTOPITUM, a supply town for the troops on Hadrian's Wall. From the beginning Corstopitum provided much of the building stones used in the construction of many of the village buildings, including the church, Vicar's Pele and nearby castles.

In the thirteenth century Corbridge was second only to Newcastle in wealth and its citizens were heavily taxed to help pay for Edward 1's Scottish wars and its mediaeval street plan is much the same today. The Saxon church however has trebled in size by the addition of aisles, transepts and chancel to the inner Saxon tower and na´ve whilst The Vicar's Pele illustrates the fierceness of Border warfare which burnt Corbridge to the ground several times.
The bridge at Corbridge is the oldest of the mediaeval bridges which became derelict by the 17th century, and was finally replaced in 1674.
As far back as 1827 Corbridge was a place renowned for its small shops and several of the decorated fronts still survive. Today Corbridge is still known for its quaintness and unique boutique shops and is an ideal base to explore the beauty of Northumberland.
On arrival pick up a copy of the Tynedale Visitor magazine from the Tourist Information Centre in Hill Street or the newsagents - it is jammed packed with local events from the Hexham Races to the Border Reivers!
Coming Events
Find out what's on in the Corbridge area.
22/11/2014 - 01/03/2015
FREE Winter Art Exhibition and Gifts
17/01/2015 - 11/04/2015
Land Engines - FREE ENTRY
(Film) A Passage to India
Northumberland Young Farmers Competition
Klown - a film from Denmark
Core 6 - Live
07/03/2015 - 08/03/2015
Young Farmers Pantomime
Calvary - a 2013 film from Ireland
20/03/2015 - 21/03/2015
111th Tynedale Music Festival - Saturday Evening Concert: Free Entry with a ticket
27/03/2015 - 28/03/2015
Gingerbread Man
All is Lost (film with Robert Redford)
11/06/2015 - 13/06/2015
Tynedale Beer Festival 2015
Corbridge Festival 2015 featuring Punk Band THE UNDERTONES
View the Events Diary for a full list of planned events in and around Corbridge
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